Thursday, September 22, 2016


Welcome to Team Endurance!

Endurance is a name chosen by former students. It refers to the strength and ability to keep on going. We encourage students to have perseverance in their academics and in social situations, both of which can be new and tricky in middle school!

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Watch us change, watch our surroundings change! 
Every Tuesday afternoon we take a walk on the trails at MIlls Riverside Park. Our goals are to foster community, build outdoor etiquette and get some exercise! We pause at the same place at the end of each walk to take a picture. See what we've got so far! 

Cool Student Work!

We use Schoology to communicate about all academics: unit descriptions, handouts, rubrics, activities and assignments as well as grades. Students and parents should be familiar with how to log in and get information from this site!

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Meet The Team!

Alaina Cioffi received her Master of Arts in Teaching from UVM and has been teaching at Browns River for 8 years! She thinks math, patterns and numbers are super cool and loves engaging students in fun Social Studies projects. When she's not at school, she can usually be found playing with her son, Bennett, who is a lively toddler. Together they read lots of books and make big messes in the kitchen!

Amie Fisher loves reading books, getting out in the woods to explore, art, trail running, and soccer; all of which fuel her Language Arts and Science curriculum, (well, maybe not the soccer so much).  It’s hard to believe she’s been at BRMS for only three years.  When her school day ends, her children keep her on the go with dance, soccer, and piano.  Occasionally she does something for herself, but mostly it’s about the kids.  

Robin Clokey is the special educator for Team Endurance. She has been teaching at BRMS for 20 years. Her room is right next to Ms. Cioffi's and she will be in and around the team working with individuals or small groups of students in both grades. She runs an Outdoors Club during the winter. When she is not in school, she enjoys riding her bike and skiing.

Tina and Kevin trade off days working with one of our 6th Grade students. They are frequently in and out of the classroom and love help catching up if they've missed the beginning of a lesson or the directions for an activity!

Mrs. Bouffard is a one-on-one paraeducator with one of our 6th grade students.

Mrs. Dolan is a one-on-one paraeducator with one of our 5th grade students.